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Hi, we're David and Kellie Kent and Our Business is all about making it easy to sell a house fast and profitably. You have a choice: You can spend lots of time and money fixing it up, then list it with a realtor and maybe in a few months you'll have it sold...maybe. Or you can call us and we'll buy it with cash in a week or two, a few days if necessary. AND YOU'LL NET ABOUT THE SAME AMOUNT EITHER WAY. How is that possible? Well, we make our money primarily by cutting out the middlemen (realtors and banks), and by improving the house to "force appreciation" and then reselling it. And that doesn't cost you anything. That's how.

It's important to understand why homeowners sell to us: It's because our offers are fair and make money. If that wasn't the case we would quickly be out of business. Give us a call and let's find out about your house. We're nice people and you might just enjoy the conversation.

By the way: we'll take care of the usual house-selling headaches like repairs and cleanup chores. In fact, you can just take the belonging you want and leave the rest. We LOVE houses with: mold, fire or water damage, foundation issues, broken stuff, nightmare tenants or relatives, etc. We also handle mortgage-related issues like foreclosure, short sale, "underwater", probate and inheritance issues. If you have any of these problems we want the property. If you have ALL of these problems...hooboy, what the heck is happening out there? And, yes, we still want it. Bottom line: You can put down your broom and hammer and start packing. You'll be done in a week or two, even few days if necessary.

One last thing: If you REALLY want to know about how we do business then click here and watch a few videos of other people who have sold their home to us. They'll tell you more than we ever could. Please notice that they are very happy and relieved. They got a fair price and walked away.

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Covid-19 Update:

In terms of Covid-19 concerns we are older and at-risk so we are careful to take all the precautions: Masks, hand washing, distancing, and we mostly stay at home. We will wear masks if/when we come to see your house. But let's start with just a phone call. No pressure; you might even enjoy it.