My House Needs Work and Repairs. 

Keeping up with a house can be just overwhelming.  And costly. Especially if no one is helping you. We hear this all the time.  We get it. It’s’s perfect for David and Kellie

David and Kellie love to fix up older houses.  We take out the middleman (realtors) buy it AS-IS and pay you cash within days.

“If you need to sell a house and it’s a bit older or in need of repairs or simply don’t want to deal with putting it on the market…you might want to check these guys out. They bought my Dad’s house and are fixing it up and bringing new life to it. I could not recommend them any higher. It was a fantastic experience doing business with them. If you want an honest company and honest people to work with, check them out. David and Kellie own the business and this business has a lot of heart.”Christy LaRose, Portland

Were your cabinets installed before the Clinton administration?   Old appliances, leaky windows, wallpaper or tiles, shag carpeting, wood paneling, and popcorn ceilings. If this sounds like your home, look no further. David and Kellie will say “Yes.”

Outdated houses and fixers can take a lot longer to sell through a realtor.  But when you sell to David and Kellie it’s a snap. Done! Give us a call or fill out the form below today.

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