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Tax Implications When Selling Rental Property in Oregon

Tax Implications When Selling Rental Property in Oregon

Whether you have grown tired of the landlord title or need to sell your rental property for other reasons, make sure you are aware of the tax implications with selling your rental property. It is important to be aware of what awaits for you after selling a rental property. We will break down some of the important things you need to know, and hopefully help find you a solution.

Tax Implications


The tax implications of selling a rental property will involve capital gains or capital losses. These implications will involve the area of the tax law, both Federal and State level.


Determine your capital gain by figuring out the difference between the sale price and the adjusted tax basis. Capital gains pertain to either a short term or long term gain.


  • Short Term

There is a chance that you purchased rental property and found it wasn’t for you and may decide to sell it within the year. If this is your situation this would be short term, so if sold at a profit then it would be taxed as short-term capital gains. This is taxed at the standard income tax rate.


  • Long Term

If you have owned your property for longer than one year it will be subjected to a different tax rate. This is a long-term capital gain. The rate can be anywhere between 0% to 20% but most often falls within the 15% range.  

How Tax Implications are Determined


The tax implications when selling rental properties are determined by the basis of the rental property. So usually it will be the amount that you paid for the property. Plus, additional expenses that you incurred to make the sale.


If there was damage or something happened that decreased value then you can likewise decrease the basis amount. Same goes if you made modifications to the property that added the value of these improvements to the basis. Keep in mind that there are some advantages to an increased basis as it can help to reduce the amount of taxes you will have to pay. This will allow you to enjoy an increased tax deduction with a capital loss.

Net Investment Income Tax


You may also potentially run into another tax consequences of selling a rental property, this is incurring the new Net Investment Income Tax. If this applies to you then you may have to pay an additional 3.8% on your net investment income. This is applicable to specific thresholds and deals with capital gains. Since this is not your personal residence you will not be eligible for the capital gain exclusion. Which amounts to $250,000/$500,000.


Although you may feel overwhelmed it is important to be aware of these tax implications when selling your rental property in Oregon. If you feel that you are aware and it is the best decision to sell your property still then you are probably asking yourself where to start now.


Because of all of the taxes you are going to have to pay it is important to make the selling process as inexpensive as possible. If you hire a real estate agent make sure you are aware of the huge cost they will be. On top of the large realtor fees keep in mind in order to sell your home they may require expensive repairs and renovations.

For Sale By Owner


If you want to sell your rental property on your own it is possibly the best option to save money, but you may have a hard time finding potential buyers since you can’t list your home on the market when selling your house by owner.


When you do find a buyer they may only buy the home if you make repairs which can become very expensive and takes a lot of time. You also will need to consider that if you sell your property you may not have tenants wanting to live in it during the process so make sure you can afford to have the property vacant.


If you are feeling overwhelmed and really don't want to pay more money during the selling process then sell to Kent Family Home Buyers. We are cash buyers and want to purchase your rental property for cash. We will purchase your property as is so that you don’t have to make any changes to the home or pay a percentage of your profits to a realtor. This will help save you money so that after you have paid your taxes on this property you can still profit off of the home.


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